What is matesrace?

Whether you are training for an enduro, sportive, triathlon or just having a laugh with your mates in the woods, Matesrace allows you to compare yourself over multiple Strava segments to your mates, club or team.

How does it work?

Using matesrace you can setup events, with a start and end date, and select up to 5 Strava segments to be included.

Matesrace is built around the concept of Strava clubs, with all members of the club being entered into the event.

Once the the event has started, matesrace will use Strava to get your best effort on each segment within the start and end date of the event. A leaderboard will be displayed for each event, showing the rank of the athletes within the club, ordered by the overall elapsed time of the event segments.

Once the event has finished, the leaderboard will be kept to allow you to see how you compared against everyone else.

Examples of events you could run on matesrace