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Sadly, after an update to their API (how we receive the data) by Strava on the 17th January 2018, they have broken the Matesrace functionality. At this time we are no longer able to retrieve the segment efforts in order to update the leaderboards.

We are sorry for the disappointment this has caused, but unfortunately it is completely out of our control. You will appreciate how sad this makes us having put so much time and effort into creating the site.

We have left existing events visible on the site, but sadly new ones can no longer be created. Existing events will not be updated.

If you want to know any further detail, please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the ride,
Chris from Matesrace

CrossduroOxford17 - #XDO17

Start date Jun 16, 2017
End date Aug 31, 2017
Rank Athlete XDO-1 XDO-2 XDO-3 XDO-4 XDO-5 Overall time
1 Lawrence Walton 8:15 21:14 28:57 20:13 15:06 1:33:45
2 Mostyn Brown 9:47 21:00 25:24 17:10 21:50 1:35:11
3 ross presly 8:44 23:15 33:10 21:54 15:57 1:43:00
Ed Wolstenholme (Velofondista Mr) 8:22 21:08 18:35 12:27
Dave Dyer 8:38 23:13 26:44 17:29
David Pratten 9:54 36:31 22:30 14:13