Frequently asked questions

Whether you are training for an enduro, sportive, triathlon or just having a laugh with your mates in the woods, Matesrace allows you to compare yourself over multiple Strava segments to your mates, club or team.

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Matesrace is built around the concept of Strava clubs, with all members of the club being entered into the event.

Go to the event page of the event that you want to join and use the "Take part" button to join the Strava club that the event is being run for.

Once you have joined the club on Strava, all subsequent efforts (until the end date) that you make on the event segments will be included.

You cannot sign up for an event that has already ended.

The start and end date for an event are shown on the event's page.

The dates are "inclusive", and therefore any attempts you make on those days will count towards the event.

You can check the event's page to see when the leaderboard will next be updated.

Once you have uploaded your ride to Strava, the leaderboard will be updated with your times on the next event update.

Matesrace only includes your times for an event after you have joined the Strava club.

All efforts that you make during the event (before the end date) will be included. It's your best time during this period that counts.

As above, your attempts only count once you have joined the Strava club that the event is running for.

Each event's page contain a map showing where the segments are. You can use this to find the trails.

Contact us at and we can take a look for you.

Where the effort is agreed to be suspicious it can be removed from the event.